Build your ultimate sounding board.

Be part of the future.

For far too long, joining an advisory board has been entirely based on word of mouth and who you know. AdvisoryCloud has changed that. Our innovative digital format enables all professionals to experience the benefits of joining an advisory board.

Professional growth.

Joining an advisory board is the ultimate professional development program. You'll be giving feedback directly to Founders and CEOs, showcasing your knowledge and expertise, while enhancing your professional experience, network, and resume. No other professional development program can offer that.

Open new doors.

By showcasing your expertise, you start building a brand as an advisor and you can start receiving inquiries directly through your profile on AdvisoryCloud. As you continue to engage as an advisory board member, you open doors to new opportunities with each new interaction.

Share your expertise.

With access to companies across all stages of growth, you’ll have a unique opportunity to serve organizations you identify with who need help in your area of expertise. In-demand areas of expertise include: Leadership, Strategy, Operations, IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, Fundraising, and more.

Why join AdvisoryCloud?

Grow professionally. Attract new opportunities. Share your expertise.

What you'll get from our platform:

Make yourself available for new opportunities, hourly, and project based advisory work.

Establish your advisor profile and get listed in the largest directory of available advisors.

Join up to three advisory boards being built and managed exclusively on AdvisoryCloud.

More reasons to become a member:


Digital Advisory Boards

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Perfect for startups, founders, and small businesses looking for advice and expertise. 

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Ideal for executives who want a private outside sounding board of peers and SMEs.

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Suited for teams wanting ideas and feedback from curated groups of outside experts.

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Digital Advisory Boards

Can your company benefit from outside perspectives, insights, and proven solutions from proven leaders? If the answer is yes, you're in the right place.

AdvisoryCloud has reinvented the traditional advisory board, providing a fully digital insight platform that can be customized to suit the needs of professionals, teams, and CEOs in their pursuit of expertise and outside perspective. 

Explore our Digital Advisory Board options to find the best way to tap into our network of 13,000+ leading executives and Subject Matter Experts and immediately elevate your team, company, or division. 

  Tap into senior executives and SMEs

  Get valuable outside perspective

  Private digital boardroom and forum

  Moderated roundtables and breakouts

  Deploy advisors on key projects

  One-on-one meetings with advisors



For the CEO seeking outside perspective and knowledge from senior executives and SMEs.

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Experience the unique benefits of building a digital advisory board.

Whether you are a start-up, Fortune 500 company, team within a company, or anything in between, you can use your digital boardroom to gather feedback, make connections, and receive insights from hundreds of executives who become instant advocates for your company.

Trusted by thousands of business leaders from companies of all shapes and sizes including many Fortune 500 brands.

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AdvisoryCloud made it incredibly easy to find, hire, and use advisors for my company. I posted an advisor opening and had candidates within 72 hours.

Andy Mercy


Assemble a digital advisory board to start receiving high-level insights from professionals and executives across a wide array of expertise. Your digital boardroom will become a forum for strategic discussion where you can ask questions, make new connections, and post updates about your business.

Building an advisory board has never been easier. 

Here's how it works. 

1. Create your advisory board

Your digital boardroom is a highly collaborative environment, where  advisors will interact with business challenges and updates you can post at any time. You can like and reply to outstanding answers, search, save, and learn more about promising advisors, and even request to meet with professionals you'd like to work with on an ongoing basis.

2. Engage with advisors in a private digital boardroom

Leverage AdvisoryCloud's network of thousands of advisors to crowd-source solutions to pressing business challenges. Don't wait, or hire outside consultants to solve issues you can get insights to in days on AdvisoryCloud, not weeks or months.

Advisory Boards that work on your schedule - give feedback directly to CEOs while showcasing your knowledge and adding board work to your resume.

3. Get solutions, insights, and real feedback.

We've helped hundreds of companies find the right advisors, and build digital advisory boards...

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“To have this level of expertise advising us is incredible, and it would have been impossible to find them without AdvisoryCloud. I’m really looking forward to watching this advisory board and my executive team collaborate..."

Rick Rolston

Founder & CEO

Phil Lacolla



“Many thanks to AdvisoryCloud for helping me find this distinguished group of advisors. I am already seeing how the knowledge that each person brings to the table is positively impacting the company’s direction and growth.”

Cindy Engstrom

Founder and CEO 

“AdvisoryCloud is the best resource available for access to high-caliber board candidates. We needed a very specific skill set and expertise for our company. AdvisoryCloud delivered well matched candidates quickly so that I could get back to growing our business."

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