Turn Your Unique Expertise Into Advisory Work

Set up your advisor profile, establish your per meeting rate, and make yourself available as an advisor on AdvisoryCloud. 

Be Hired for Per Meeting Work

Companies use advisors from AdvisoryCloud to gain expert advice on key challenges and opportunities. Advisors are paid an average of $500 per meeting. 

Your Own Storefront as an Advisor

Showcase your expertise, build your brand as an advisor, and receive advisor inquiries through your own personal link, such as www.AdvisoryCloud.com/Susan-Smith.

Build Your Professional Brand

Publish articles and be featured on AdvisoryCloud Insights to gain exposure as a thought leader and build your professional brand.

Why do I have to use my work email address?

"I would not have found this advisor opportunity anywhere else. AdvisoryCloud provides a perfectly focused platform to get placed for such opportunities."

Tammy Martin
Lighthouse Computer Services

"I’d recommend this to any proactive executive. The system really works if you make it work for you. I was online only three months and I’d been able to earn my CBE, participate in an executive advisory council, and now have been named to a board.”

Phil Yamamoto
Vice President Procurement
SweetWorks Confections

"AdvisoryCloud helped me find exactly what I was looking for in my next board position. I am thrilled to have been offered an advisory board position at Alocito. I would not have found this incredible opportunity without AdvisoryCloud."

Rick Colon
SVP of Operations & Development
Dunkin’ Donuts U.S.

"I found my experience with AdvisoryCloud to be the most efficient way to connect executives, like myself, with great companies looking for advisors and board members. I couldn’t be happier with the companies and individuals that I have had the opportunity to work with."

Yasser Nafei
SVP & Division Head
LG Electronics

Establish Your Advisor Profile

Showcase your expertise, build your brand as an advisor, and receive advisor inquiries through your own personal link.

With your advisor profile established, any company or executive in the world can hire you for per meeting advisory work or inquire about other opportunities directly through your advisor profile.

From people asking for your business advice to professional connections on social media, see how everyday business interactions can lead to advisory work with our plug and play tools and resources.

Our platform hosts your profile and allows you to easily manage your advisor inquiries, meetings, and payments - all in one place.

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