Why join advisory boards through AdvisoryCloud?

We have democratized the boardroom, connecting
talented professionals with companies of all shapes and sizes
 through a completely digital, remote environment.  

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Connect with new professional opportunities.

Joining an advisory board is the ultimate professional development program.  

✔  Take part in conversations directly with Founders, CEOs, & leaders.
✔  Showcase your knowledge and expertise in your field.
✔  Enhance your professional experience, network, and resume.  

No other professional development program can offer that.

Open new doors.

By showcasing your expertise, you start building a brand as an advisor and you can start receiving inquiries directly through your profile on AdvisoryCloud. As you continue to engage as an advisory board member, you open doors to new opportunities with each new interaction.

Share your expertise. 

With access to companies across all stages of growth, you’ll have a unique opportunity to serve organizations you identify with who need help in your area of expertise.

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For far too, joining an advisory board has been entirely based on word of mouth and who you know.  AdvisoryCloud has changed that.  

Our innovative digital format enables all professionals with valuable expertise to become an advisor, even if they don’t have previous board experience.

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Average increase in subsequent annual pay for professionals serving on an advisory board.


Increase in likelihood of an professional serving on a board being promoted as a first-time CEO.


Advisory board placements have been made through AdvisoryCloud.

Trusted by thousands of professionals from companies of all sizes including:

“AdvisoryCloud has exceeded my expectations! They are professional, passionate and deliver their promise. I now proudly serve on the board of SmartServe... with an amazing and diverse group of leaders.”

Leslie Sarkesian 

Founder and CEO Sarkesian Ventures  

Michael Harris 


“I have been successfully matched by AdvisoryCloud with two companies that would never have been on my radar. AdvisoryCloud is a great place to showcase my unique skills among hundreds of organizations who need what i share.”

Michael Harris Group 

Tammy Martin 


Lighthouse Computer Services 

“After only three months using their platform, I have been placed in an advisory board role! Their platform is easy to navigate and their communication is exceptional.”

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