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For too long, joining an advisory board has been entirely based on word of mouth and who you know. AdvisoryCloud has changed that. Our award winning platform and innovative digital format enables all professionals to experience the benefits of joining an advisory board.

Joining an advisory board is the single best way to grow professionally and unlock new opportunities. You'll be giving feedback directly to Founders and CEOs, showcasing your knowledge and expertise, all while enhancing your professional experience, network, and resume. No professional development program can match real board level experience.

Open doors to new opportunities.

By showcasing your expertise, you immediately start building your brand as an advisor and can receive inquiries through your dedicated profile on AdvisoryCloud. As you continue to engage with companies as an advisory board member, you’ll be opening new doors to future opportunities with each interaction. 

Share your expertise.

With access to companies across all stages of growth, you’ll now have the unique opportunity to serve organizations you identify with who are seeking help in your areas of expertise. In-Demand expertise includes Leadership, Strategy, Operations, IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, and Fundraising, just to name a few.

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Joining a board has never been easier.

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We build and manage hundreds of new advisory boards each year and exclusively source advisors on our platform.

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See how we've transformed the traditional boardroom allowing professionals like you to immediately join an advisory board through our innovative digital platform which has made over 30,000 advisory board placements in 2020 alone.

Trusted by thousands of business leaders from companies of all shapes and sizes including many Fortune 500 brands

“It's a very gratifying experience to assist entrepreneurs and businesses with the questions they face with their businesses. Their questions caused me to step back and think of my own business and how I can address similar challenges I face. Experience is a wonderful teacher, but it never hurts to evaluate new possibilities.”

—  Alex Mills

“Building the profile is painless, and AdvisoryCloud was helpful. Using the information that I am an Advisor looks good on my coaching resume and LinkedIn profile. I would recommend anyone who considers her/himself well qualified to be a Remote Advisor to try the experience.”

—  Bruce Rose

“It's exciting to engage with a new company that you believe has a unique product or service with unlimited potential. To add my experience and to consult with other highly qualified people in my circle of associates to deliver the best possible input is enjoyable and satisfying.”

—  W. P. Brown